Welcome on board the
Dutch Cruise Line

Dutch Cruise Line was founded by a team of experts in the field of river cruises. The founders not only have extensive experience in the organisation, execution and management of river cruises, but they also specialize in the organisation and execution of river cruises with special destinations. All the while with a clear goal in mind: True quality, where the passenger comes first. What sets us apart at Dutch Cruise Line is that we almost always travel with a captain/owner aboard. This means that even more attention will be paid to the execution of the cruise aboard the ship, or in other words: the captain himself will guarantee excellent service aboard his ship!

Modern fleet

Our fleet currently contains out of seven river ships. These ships vary in sizes and passenger capacities. Because of this reason, it is possible to sail to many different destinations in Europe during the whole year. For example, cruises on the Baltic waters are an option with the MS Princess and MS Johannes Brahms which makes it even possible to reach the centre of Prague.  

Other optional destinations for the Rivercruises are the Belgic Bruges, romantic Paris or cruising over the beautiful Saar with her nature rich environment in Germany and France. Furthermore, the French historical Strasbourg or other destinations next to the Rhine and Mosel in France, Luxembourg and Germany can be reached. 

Every year our ships are cruising to many different destinations where atmospheric Christmas markets can be visited during the Advent period. Plenty of different (bike)cruises are hence possible because of the diversity of the fleet of Dutch Cruise Line. 

An unforgettable cruise vacation

Our hospitable, friendly and well-educated crew will do anything to give passengers at Dutch Cruise Line an unforgettable cruise vacation every single time. Aboard the cruise ships smoking is not permitted, with the exception of a few tables on the sundeck.

We hope our website has provided you with a clear impression of the unique character of our special cruises and their advantages. Whether you’re looking for senior citizen cruises, group travel, charters, incentives or hotel stays, at Dutch Cruise Line, you and your guests have come to the right place.